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No-Hassle Install And Maintenance: Introducing Bidetve™️

Transform your bathroom experience with the luxury and hygiene of a bidet, seamlessly integrated into your office, gym, practice, or other semi-public space. At Bidetve™, we're committed to making the process effortless, from expert consultation to streamlined installation. Our dedicated team will help you choose the perfect bidet model tailored to your needs, considering desired features, existing plumbing, budget, and clientele.

  • Expert Help Choosing the Right Device For Your Space

  • Easy Commitment with All Costs Upfront

  • 100% Hands Off Installation by one of Our Approved Technicians

  • Zero Demolition

  • Industry Leading Warranty on Devices and Installation

Bidetve™️ takes care of everything, from ordering to installation, ensuring minimal disruption to your routine. With our network of approved contractors, each installation takes is completed in one visit, minimizing downtime and maximizing your comfort. Discover the Bidetve™️ difference and elevate your bathroom experience today.

Get Started With a Phone Consultation

Embark on a bathroom transformation with a personalized touch. Schedule a consultation with our bidet expert to explore tailored solutions for enhanced comfort, sustainability, and style. Elevate your space with a refined upgrade—reserve your professional phone consultation today.


Experience the Ease and Convenience of our Bidetve™ Smart Bidet Toilet Seats With Managed Installation for a Truly Seamless Bathroom Upgrade!

George Rosen

"Bidetve™️ takes the guesswork out of bidet buying. Their consultant helps you find the perfect fit, handles delivery and install, and leaves your bathroom untouched besides the devices. A refreshing upgrade without the hassle!"

Karly Abrams

"Bidet at work? You bet! Bidetve™️ hooked me up with a clean, refreshing upgrade. No more questionable office bathroom vibes. Adjustable water pressure and temp? Game changer!"

Steve Blau

"I have a bidet at home and realized how much better it is at keeping me feeling fresh than toilet paper. I was so happy when my gym installed the Bidetve™️ devices so I could feel the same way when not at home."

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Bidetve™ Smart Bidet Toilet Seats

“Elevating your bathroom trip to a cleaner, more luxurious and environmentally conscious experience.”

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