Clean, Luxurious, Sustainable.

The high standard of living that you and your guests demand in your home bathroom, now at the office, hotel, gym and more.

Why Bidetve™ Smart Bidet Toilet Seats?

"When staying clean and fresh all day is non-negotiable."

Upgraded Personal Hygiene

  • Superior Level of Cleanliness

  • Warm, Soothing Water Stream

  • Electronically Heated Seats

  • Rejuvenated Freshness All Day

A Commitment to Sustainability

  • 70-90% Toilet Paper Reduction

  • Low Energy / Minimal Water Use

  • Save Money on Toilet Paper

  • Durable, Long Lasting Design

No-Hassle Install and Maintenance

  • 100% Hand's Off Install

  • Less Than One Hour Downtime

  • Bidetve™️ Experienced Techs

  • Industry Leading Warranty

  • No Demo/Reno Required

Feel Beautiful,

Inside And Out

Let's Talk About It.

The best way to get started is to talk with our Bidetve™️ consultant. They will walk you through your product options, price, and installation timelines.

Our White Glove Consultation and Installation Process:

Choose Your Model

We offer several models of bidets to meet your needs. The best way to find out what is best for your site is to speak with Dave for a quick consultation.

  • Several Models

  • Fit Any Toilet

  • Choose Your Features

We Arrange Installation

You never have to deal with an installer or plumber. We manage the installation process with our approved technicians to make the process as smooth as possible.

  • 30-40min Process

  • Bidetve™️ Approved Techs

  • No Demo/Reno

Warranty Included

Our industry leading warranty includes the device and installation.

  • 6 month

  • Easy Customer Service

  • Durable Materials, Built to Last

Feel Beautiful,

Inside And Out


Experience the Ease and Convenience of our Bidetve™ Smart Bidet Toilet Seats With Managed Installation for a Truly Seamless Bathroom Upgrade!

George Rosen

"Bidetve™️ takes the guesswork out of bidet buying. Their consultant helps you find the perfect fit, handles delivery and install, and leaves your bathroom untouched besides the devices. A refreshing upgrade without the hassle!"

Karly Abrams

"Bidet at work? You bet! Bidetve™️ hooked me up with a clean, refreshing upgrade. No more questionable office bathroom vibes. Adjustable water pressure and temp? Game changer!"

Steve Blau

"I have a bidet at home and realized how much better it is at keeping me feeling fresh than toilet paper. I was so happy when my gym installed the Bidetve™️ devices so I could feel the same way when not at home."

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Bidetve™ Smart Bidet Toilet Seats

“Elevating your bathroom trip to a cleaner, more luxurious and environmentally conscious experience.”

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